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Baseball Quotes and Quotations

A ball player's got to be kept hungry to become a big-leaguer. That's why no boy from a rich family ever made the big leagues. ~Joe DiMaggio

A baseball fan has the digestive apparatus of a billy goat. He can, and does, devour any set of diamond statistics with insatiable appetite and then nuzzles hungrily for more. ~Arthur Daley

A baseball game is simply a nervous breakdown divided into nine innings. ~Earl Wilson

A baseball game is twice as much fun if you're seeing it on the company's time. ~William C. Feather

A baseball park is the one place where a man's wife doesn't mind his getting excited over somebody else's curves. ~Brendan Francis

A critic once characterized baseball as six minutes of action crammed into two-and-one-half hours. ~Ray Fitzgerald

A good cigar is like a beautiful chick with a great body who also knows the American League box scores. ~M*A*S*H

A hot dog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz. ~Humphrey Bogart

Baseball changes through the years. It gets milder. ~Babe Ruth

Baseball fans are junkies, and their heroin is the statistic. ~Robert S. Wieder

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Baseball fans love numbers. They love to swirl them around their mouths like Bordeaux wine. ~Pat Conroy

Baseball for me was instinctive, born within me, given to me as a gift from God. ~Willie Stargell

Baseball gets better for whatever reason. ~Rafael Palmeiro

Baseball happens to be a game of cumulative tension but football, basketball and hockey are played with hand grenades and machine guns. ~John Leonard

Baseball has been very good to me. ~Roberto Clemente

Baseball has the great advantage over cricket of being sooner ended. ~George Bernard Shaw

Baseball is 90 percent mental and the other half is physical. ~Yogi Berra

Baseball is a ballet without music. Drama without words. ~Ernie Harwell

Baseball is a fun game. It beats working for a living. ~Phil Linz

Baseball is a game dominated by vital ghosts; it's a fraternity, like no other we have of the active and the no longer so, the living and the dead. ~Richard Gilman

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Baseball is a game where a curve is an optical illusion, a screwball can be a pitch or a person, stealing is legal and you can spit anywhere you like except in the umpire's eye or on the ball. ~Jim Murray

Baseball is a harbor, a seclusion from failure that really matters, a playful utopia in which virtuosity can be savored to the third decimal place of a batting average. ~Mark Kramer

Baseball is a lot like life. It's a day-to-day existence, full of ups and downs. You make the most of your opportunities in baseball as you do in life. ~Ernie Harwell

Baseball is almost the only orderly thing in a very unorderly world. If you get three strikes, even the best lawyer in the world can't get you off. ~Bill Veeck

Baseball is an allegorical play about America, a poetic, complex, and subtle play of courage, fear, good luck, mistakes, patience about fate, and sober self-esteem. ~Saul Steinberg

Baseball is an island of activity amidst a sea of statistics. ~Author Unknown

Baseball is drama with an endless run and an ever-changing cast. ~Joe Garagiola

Baseball is like a poker game. Nobody wants to quit when he's losing; nobody wants you to quit when you're ahead. ~Jackie Robinson

Baseball is like church. Many attend few understand. ~Leo Durocher

Baseball is more than a game. It's like life played out on a field. ~Juliana Hatfield

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical. ~Yogi Berra

Baseball is not a sport you can achieve individually. ~Curt Schilling

Baseball is not what I love. It's my job. ~Eric Davis

Baseball is reassuring. It makes me feel as if the world is not going to blow up. ~Sharon Olds

Baseball is the only field of endeavor where a man can succeed three times out of ten and be considered a good performer. ~Ted Williams

Baseball is the only game left for people. To play basketball, you have to be 7 feet 6 inches. To play football, you have to be the same width. ~Bill Veeck

Baseball is the only major sport that appears backwards in a mirror. ~George Carlin, Brain Droppings

Baseball is the only place in life where a sacrifice is really appreciated. ~Author Unknown

Baseball is the only sport I know that when you're on offense, the other team controls the ball. ~Ken Harrelson

Baseball is too much of a sport to be called a business, and too much of a business to be called a sport. ~Philip Wrigley

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Baseball is very big with my people. It figures. It's the only way we can get to shake a bat at a white man without starting a riot. ~Dick Gregory

Baseball isn't a business, it's more like a disease. ~Walter F. O'Malley

Baseball players are smarter than football players. How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many men on the field? ~Jim Bouton

Baseball statistics are like a girl in a bikini. They show a lot, but not everything. ~Toby Harrah

Baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up. ~Bob Lemon

Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. ~Babe Ruth

Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona. Not all holes, or games, are created equal. ~George Will

Baseball? It's just a game - as simple as a ball and a bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. It's a sport, business - and sometimes even religion. ~Ernie Harwell

Basketball, hockey and track meets are action heaped upon action, climax upon climax, until the onlooker's responses become deadened. Baseball is for the leisurely afternoons of summer and for the unchanging dreams. ~Roger Kahn

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Being with a woman all night never hurt no professional baseball player. It's staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in. ~Casey Stengel

But baseball bounced back in the next decade to reclaim its place as the national pastime: new heroes, spirited competition, and booming prosperity gave birth to dreams of expansion, both within the major leagues and around the world. ~John Thorn

Confucious say: "Baseball wrong - man with four balls cannot walk." ~Author Unknown

Cricket is basically baseball on valium. ~Robin Williams

Do what you love to do and give it your very best. Whether it's business or baseball, or the theater, or any field. If you don't love what you're doing and you can't give it your best, get out of it. Life is too short. You'll be an old man before you know it. ~Al Lopez

Don't forget to swing hard, in case you hit the ball. ~Woodie Held

Don't park in the spaces marked, "Reserved for Umpires." ~John McSherry

Don't tell me about the world. Not today. It's springtime and they're knocking baseball around fields where the grass is damp and green in the morning and the kids are trying to hit the curve ball. ~Pete Hamill

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

During my 18 years I came to bat almost 10,000 times. I struck out about 1,700 times and walked maybe 1,800 times. You figure a ballplayer will average about 500 at bats a season. That means I played seven years without ever hitting the ball. ~Mickey Mantle

England and America should scrap cricket and baseball and come up with a new game that they both can play. Like baseball, for example. ~Robert Benchley

Every day is a new opportunity. You can build on yesterday's success or put its failures behind and start over again. That's the way life is, with a new game every day, and that's the way baseball is. ~Bob Feller

Every hitter likes fastballs, just like everybody likes ice cream. But you don't like it when someone's stuffing it into you by the gallon. That's what it feels like when Nolan Ryan's thrown balls by you. ~Reggie Jackson

Every player should be accorded the privilege of at least one season with the Chicago Cubs. That's baseball as it should be played - in God's own sunshine. And that's really living. ~Alvin Dark

Every player should be accorded the privilege of at least one season with the Chicago Cubs. That's baseball as it should be played - in God's own sunshine. And that's really living. ~Alvin Dark

Good pitching will beat good hitting any time, and vice versa. ~Bob Veale

Hating the New York Yankees is as American as apple pie, unwed mothers and cheating on your income tax. ~Mike Royko

Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing. ~Warren Spahn

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of baseball. ~Novak Djokovic

I always get very calm with baseball. ~Paul Simon

I became a good pitcher when I stopped trying to make them miss the ball and started trying to make them hit it. ~Sandy Koufax

I could've played basketball, but my mind was on baseball. I didn't know what I was in for. In high school it was a matter of talent. No one told you what to do. ~Eric Davis

I don't care how long you've been around, you'll never see it all. ~Bob Lemon

I don't love baseball. I don't love most of today's players. I don't love the owners. I do love, however, the baseball that is in the heads of baseball fans. I love the dreams of glory of 10-year-olds, the reminiscences of 70-year-olds. The greatest baseball arena is in our heads, what we bring to the games, to the telecasts, to reading newspaper reports. ~Stan Isaacs

I don't want to play golf. When I hit a ball, I want someone else to go chase it. ~Rogers Hornsby

I found myself in a race with Mother Nature to play as much baseball as I could before she forced me to stop. ~Willie Stargell

I have discovered in twenty years of moving around a ball park, that the knowledge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats. ~Bill Veeck

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

I have observed that baseball is not unlike war, and when you get right down to it, we batters are the heavy artillery. ~Ty Cobb

I haven't had the time to say, 'I'm retiring.' But baseball says, 'You're retired.' ~Rickey Henderson

I just want to play baseball. ~David Ortiz

I know a man who is a diamond cutter. He mows the lawn at Yankee Stadium. ~Author Unknown

I love baseball, and the door remains open. ~Rafael Palmeiro

I never ride just to ride. I ride to catch a fox. I play baseball to make the team. ~Sargent Shriver

I really love baseball. The guys and the game, and I love the challenge of describing things. The only thing I hate - and I know you have to be realistic and pay the bills in this life - is the loneliness on the road. ~Vin Scully

I see great things in baseball. It's our game - the American game. It will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism. Tend to relieve us from being a nervous, dyspeptic set. Repair these losses, and be a blessing to us. ~Walt Whitman

I see great things in baseball. It's our game - the American game. ~Walt Whitman

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

I think about baseball when I wake up in the morning. I think about it all day and I dream about it at night. The only time I don't think about it is when I'm playing it. ~Carl Yastrzemski

I wanted to play baseball! ~Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

I was hitting .360 when I was diagnosed. I didn't forget how to play while I was recovering. I don't know if the cancer is gone for good. I don't think anyone ever knows, but no one is going to steal my joy for as along as I'm able to play baseball. ~Eric Davis

I was such a dangerous hitter I even got intentional walks in batting practice. ~Casey Stengel

I wasn't really serious about acting - I was serious about baseball. ~Kurt Russell

I watch a lot of baseball on the radio. ~Gerald R. Ford

I wish that they had the freedoms like the Japanese and the Koreans and the Mexicans and everybody else that has that freedom to come over here and play the game, because I know Cuba has a very strong baseball history. ~Rafael Palmeiro

I'd never heard of colon cancer. Baseball wasn't even important to me. I have a wife and two girls. That's what was important. The doctors told me and all I could say was, 'When are we going to get this thing out?' ~Eric Davis

I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball. ~Pete Rose

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Ideally, the umpire should combine the integrity of a Supreme Court judge, the physical agility of an acrobat, the endurance of Job and the imperturbability of Buddha. ~The Villains in Blue

If a horse can't eat it, I don't want to play on it. ~Dick Allen

If a woman has to choose between catching a fly ball and saving an infant's life, she will choose to save the infant's life without even considering if there are men on base. ~Dave Barry

If it weren't for baseball, many kids wouldn't know what a millionaire looked like. ~Phyllis Diller

If my uniform doesn't get dirty, I haven't done anything in the baseball game. ~Rickey Henderson

If newspapers were a baseball team, they would be the Mets - without the hope for those folks at the very pinnacle of the financial food chain - who average nearly $24 million a year in income - 'next year.' ~Eric Alterman

If you're playing baseball and thinking about managing, you're crazy. You'd be better off thinking about being an owner. ~Casey Stengel

I'm a football guy. Baseball, I enjoy it at playoff time. ~Jon Bon Jovi

I'm convinced that every boy, in his heart, would rather steal second base than an automobile. ~Tom Clark

I'm no different than others with cancer. I just happen to play professional baseball. I'm part of those statistics that cancer has touched as well. ~Eric Davis

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

In baseball you train the whole body, except for the hip and eyes. ~Rickey Henderson

In baseball, I was always in control of everything until I let the ball go. ~Curt Schilling

In baseball, you can't kill the clock. You've got to give the other man his chance. That's why this is the greatest game. ~Earl Weaver

In baseball, you don't know nothing. ~Yogi Berra

In cricket, as in no other game, a great master may well go back to the pavilion scoreless.... In no other game does the law of averages get to work so potently, so mysteriously. ~Neville Cardus

It actually giggles at you as it goes by. ~Rick Monday

It ain't like football. You can't make up no trick plays. ~Yogi Berra

It ain't nothin' till I call it. ~Bill Klem, umpire

It breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops and leaves you to face the fall alone. ~A. Bartlett Giamatti

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

It is well to remember that a Martian observing his first baseball game would be quite correct in concluding that the last two words of the National Anthem are: PLAY BALL! ~Herbert H. Paper

It never ceases to amaze me how many of baseball's wounds are self-inflicted. ~Bill Veeck

It took me seventeen years to get three thousand hits in baseball. I did it in one afternoon on the golf course. ~Hank Aaron

It's a funny kind of month, October. For the really keen cricket fan it's when you discover that your wife left you in May. ~Denis Norden

It's fun; baseball's fun. ~Yogi Berra

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

It's hard to win a pennant, but it's harder losing one. ~Chuck Tanner

It's no coincidence that female interest in the sport of baseball has increased greatly since the ballplayers swapped those wonderful old-time baggy flannel uniforms for leotards. ~Mike Royko

It's not like learning how to hit a curve ball in baseball. ~Floyd Abrams

I've come to the conclusion that the two most important things in life are good friends and a good bullpen. ~Bob Lemon

I've got a wife, four kids, a business, and a baseball career. ~Curt Schilling

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Life will always throw you curves, just keep fouling them off... the right pitch will come, but when it does, be prepared to run the bases. ~Rick Maksian

Like a baseball game, wars are not over till they are over. Wars don't run on a clock like football. No previous generation was so hopelessly unrealistic that this had to be explained to them. ~Thomas Sowell

Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets. ~Yogi Berra

Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too. ~Greg

Making love is like hitting a baseball. You just gotta relax and concentrate. ~Susan Sarandon

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

More than any other American sport, baseball creates the magnetic, addictive illusion that it can almost be understood. ~Thomas Boswell, in Inside Sports

My dad taught me to switch-hit. He and my grandfather, who was left-handed, pitched to me everyday after school in the back yard. I batted lefty against my dad and righty against my granddad. ~Mickey Mantle

My dream was to play football for the Oakland Raiders. But my mother thought I would get hurt playing football, so she chose baseball for me. I guess moms do know best. ~Rickey Henderson

My first job after my retirement from baseball was as a narrator for the Eastman Philharmonica. ~Willie Stargell

My mom, she wasn't like a baseball mother who knew everything about the game. She just wanted me to be happy with what I was doing. ~David Ortiz

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Ninety feet between home plate and first base may be the closest man has ever come to perfection. ~Red Smith

No baseball pitcher would be worth a darn without a catcher who could handle the hot fastball. ~Casey Stengel

No game in the world is as tidy and dramatically neat as baseball, with cause and effect, crime and punishment, motive and result, so cleanly defined. ~Paul Gallico

No matter how good you are, you're going to lose one-third of your games. No matter how bad you are you're going to win one-third of your games. It's the other third that makes the difference. ~Tommy Lasorda

Nolan Ryan is pitching much better now that he has his curve ball straightened out. ~Joe Garagiola

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Now there's three things you can do in a baseball game: You can win or you can lose or it can rain. ~Casey Stengel

One of the chief duties of the fan is to engage in arguments with the man behind him. This department of the game has been allowed to run down fearfully. ~Robert Benchley

One of the walls of my bedroom was a collage of about 15 years of baseball photos. I would cut out the baseball pictures from every issue and I had this huge montage of thousands of pictures. ~Curt Schilling

Opera in English is, in the main, just about as sensible as baseball in Italian. ~H. L. Mencken

People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring. ~Rogers Hornsby

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

People like us are afraid to leave ball. What else is there to do? When baseball has been your whole life, you can't think about a future without it, so you hang on as long as you can. ~Willie Stargell

Pitchers, like poets, are born not made. ~Cy Young

Playing baseball for a living is like having a license to steal. ~Pete Rose

Playing baseball was my dream, and no amount of money could sway my opinion. ~Willie Stargell

Poets are like baseball pitchers. Both have their moments. The intervals are the tough things. ~Robert Frost

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

President Bush left for Canada today to attend a trade summit. Reportedly, the trade summit got off to an awkward start when the president pulled out his baseball cards. ~Conan O'Brien

Progress always involves risks. You can't steal second base and keep your foot on first. ~Frederick B. Wilcox

Pro-rated at 500 at-bats a year that means that for two years out of the fourteen I played, I never even touched the ball. ~Norm Cash

Putting lights in Wrigley Field is like putting aluminum siding on the Sistine Chapel. ~Roger Simon

Reading about baseball is a lot more interesting than reading about chess, but you have to wonder: Don't any of these guys ever go fishing? ~Dave Shiflett

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Rooting for the Yankees is like rooting for the house in blackjack. ~Adam Morrow

Sandy's fastball was so fast, some batters would start to swing as he was on his way to the mound. ~Jim Murray

Say this much for big league baseball - it is beyond question the greatest conversation piece ever invented in America. ~Bruce Catton

Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple. ~Barry Switzer

Some say our national pastime is baseball. Not me. It's gossip. ~Erma Bombeck

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Strikeouts are boring - besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls. More democratic. ~From the movie Bull Durham

Taking in a baseball game on TV is also a big treat. ~Jerry Seinfeld

That's the true harbinger of spring, not crocuses or swallows returning to Capistrano, but the sound of a bat on a ball. ~Bill Veeck

The best way to catch a knuckleball is to wait until the ball stops rolling and then pick it up. ~Bob Uecker

The charm of baseball is that, dull as it may be on the field, it is endlessly fascinating as a rehash. ~Jim Murray

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

The designated hitter rule is like letting someone else take Wilt Chamberlain's free throws. ~Rick Wise

The first books I was interested in were all about baseball. But I can't think of one single book that changed my life in any way. ~Charles Kuralt

The great thing about baseball is that there's a crisis every day. ~Gabe Paul

The greatest feeling in the world is to win a major league game. The second-greatest feeling is to lose a major league game. ~Chuck Tanner

The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three run homers. ~Earl Weaver

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love. ~Bryant Gumbel

The pitcher has to find out if the hitter is timid. And if the hitter is timid, he has to remind the hitter he's timid. ~Don Drysdale

The place was always cold, and I got the feeling that the fans would have enjoyed baseball more if it had been played with a hockey puck. ~Andre Dawson

The season starts too early and finishes too late and there are too many games in between. ~Bill Veeck

The Statue of Liberty is no longer saying, 'Give me your poor, your tired, your huddled masses.' She's got a baseball bat and yelling, 'You want a piece of me?' ~Robin Williams

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

The strongest thing that baseball has going for it today are its yesterdays. ~Lawrence Ritter

There are three things in my life which I really love: God, my family, and baseball. The only problem - once baseball season starts, I change the order around a bit. ~Al Gallagher

There are three things you can do in a baseball game. You can win, or you can lose, or it can rain. ~Casey Stengel

There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens. ~Tommy Lasorda

There are two theories on hitting the knuckleball. Unfortunately, neither of them work. ~Charlie Lau

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

There have been only two geniuses in the world. Willie Mays and Willie Shakespeare. ~Tallulah Bankhead

There ought to be some other means of reckoning quality in this the best and loveliest of games; the scoreboard is an ass. ~Neville Cardus

These old ballparks are like cathedrals in America. We don't have big old Gothic cathedrals like they do in Europe. But we got baseball parks. ~Jimmy Buffett

They are supposed to be dispassionate dispensers of Pure Justice, icy islands of emotionless calculation. In short, umpires should be acute Republicans. ~George F. Will

Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were counted and published every day, like those of a baseball player. ~Author Unknown

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

This is a game to be savored, not gulped. There's time to discuss everything between pitches or between innings. ~Bill Veeck

Though I like the various forms of football in the world, I don't think they begin to compare with these two great Anglo-Saxon ball games for sophisticated elegance and symbolism. Baseball and cricket are beautiful and highly stylized medieval war substitutes, chess made flesh, a mixture of proud chivalry and base - in both senses - greed. With football we are back to the monotonous clashing armor of the brontosaurus. ~John Fowles

To a pitcher, a base hit is the perfect example of negative feedback. ~Steve Hovley

To have some idea what it's like, stand in the outside lane of a motorway, get your mate to drive his car at you at 95 mph and wait until he's 12 yards away, before you decide which way to jump. ~Geoffrey Boycott

To me, baseball has always been a reflection of life. Like life, it adjusts. It survives everything. ~Willie Stargell

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

Watching a spring training game is as exciting as watching a tree form its annual ring. ~Jerry Izenberg

Well, baseball was my whole life. Nothing's ever been as fun as baseball. ~Mickey Mantle

Well, boys, it's a round ball and a round bat and you got to hit the ball square. ~Joe Schultz

What are we at the park for except to win? I'd trip my mother. I'd help her up, brusher her off, tell her I'm sorry. But mother don't make it to third. ~Leo Durocher

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

What does a mama bear on the pill have in common with the World Series? No cubs. ~Harry Caray

When baseball is no longer fun, it's no longer a game. ~Joe DiMaggio

When I was growing up, there weren't any Little Leagues in the city. Parents worked all the time. They didn't have time to take their kids out to play baseball and football. ~Mike Krzyzewski

When Steve and I die, we are going to be buried in the same cemetery, 60-feet 6-inches apart. ~Tim McCarver

When they start the game, they don't yell, "Work ball." They say, "Play ball." ~Willie Stargell

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

When we played softball, I'd steal second base, feel guilty and go back. ~Woody Allen

When you're in a slump, it's almost as if you look out at the field and it's one big glove. ~Vance Law

Why does everybody stand up and sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" when they're already there? ~Larry Anderson

Wives of ballplayers, when they teach their children their prayers, should instruct them how to say: "God bless Mommy, God bless Daddy, God bless Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth has upped Daddy's paycheck by fifteen to forty percent." ~Waite Hoyt

You can't sit on a lead and run a few plays into the line and just kill the clock. You've got to throw the ball over the goddamn plate and give the other man his chance. That's why baseball is the greatest game of them all. ~Earl Weaver

Baseball Quotes and Quotations

You don't save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain. ~Leo Durocher

You gotta be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta have a lot of little boy in you, too. ~Roy Campanella

You know it's summertime at Candlestick when the fog rolls in, the wind kicks up, and you see the center fielder slicing open a caribou to survive the ninth inning. ~Bob Sarlette

You know that everyone thinks that in order to do South Park we must be wild, crazy, rock and roll stars. But the truth is we're just wholesome middle-American guys. We enjoy soda pop, baseball and beating up old people just as much as anybody. ~Trey Parker

You know you're pitching well when the batters look as bad as you do at the plate. ~Duke Snider

You see, you spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time. ~Jim Bouton, Ball Four

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